Gaming industry trade shows

Gaming, casino and poker trade shows are usually only open to trade representatives and industry related press.  The number of trade shows and the size of the existing ones have increased in the last few years as gambling and especially poker has become more widely available and socially accepted.

Internet casinos and the poker boom have changed the industry and elevated it into the spotlight in a way that seemed impossible only a few decades ago. This have of course also meant that a lot of new companies have entered the market who all want to display their products on the gaming trade shows.

Gaming trade shows primarily focus on products and services used by casinos and gambling operators, while companies that chiefly target private individuals have less presence on this type of shows.

Global Gaming Expo (G2E)

The largest gaming trade show in the world is G2E (Global Gaming Expo)(  It is an annual event held in Las Vegas each fall. The show has a large number of exhibitors and usually lasts for three days. There is also a series of conferences that stretches over five days. It is possible to only attend the trade show and not the conference or just certain days of the conferences. Visiting the conferences is associated with a considerably higher fee than just visiting the trade show. Neither the show nor the conference is open to the public and you are encouraged to register your attendance well in advance.

The G2E has an Asian offshoot, the Global Gaming Expo Asia (G2E Asia). As the name suggests, this show caters primarily for the needs of the Asian gaming market. Just like G2E, it is held once a year and consists of a trade show part and a conference part.

World Gaming Executive Summit

World Gaming Executive Summit ( is a trade show and conference held annually. Its focus is to give the most powerful people in the gaming world a chance to meet up and discuss the future. The leaders of some of the biggest companies in gambling such as Harrahs, Microgaming, NetEntertainment and Playtech are known to attend. The summit also welcomes venture capitalists interested in investing in the gaming industry.  The primary focus is on the conference and not on the show. The World Gaming Executive Summit is held at the same time and place as the World Lottery Executive Summit each year. One of the founders of the World Gaming Executive Summit is Deutsche Bank.

Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo

Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo (GIGSE) ( is the largest trade show in the world focusing exclusively on online gambling. They have a large number of exhibitors and you can expect to see most of the prominent names from internet gambling industry here. The show is open for trade people only.

International Casino Exhibition

International Casino Exhibition (ICE)  is a  major European trade show for the casino and gambling industry. Held in London once a year, it has become one of  the largest and most important trade shows in the business and regularly attracts over 6,000 visitors.